Mercedes Radio Code

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Mercedes in its cars (mainly in older models) used radio and navigation security with the use of a code. This protection was used both in passenger models and trucks. Depending


Chrysler Radio Code

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Just as with many other brands, a part of the factory radio receivers and navigations installed in Chrysler and Jeep cars is secured by a 4-digit anti-theft password. Depending


Skoda radio code

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Skoda cars use a radio (or navigation) protection, which is based on a 4-digit PIN code. In theory, security should not cause the owner any problems, but in practice – it happens that


"WAIT", "LOCKED 10" – how to unlock a Ford radio?

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The radio code should be entered carefully and faultlessly in order to not block the radio. The four-digit PIN code has 10,000 combinations, so you cannot count on a happy entering of random numbers. Such


Ford radio code

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The majority of manufacturers, including the Ford brand, secure the factory radio or car navigation with the use of a code. Paradoxically, the security, the aim of which is to protect the car radio from theft,


How to enter the Ford radio code?

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The code is entered with the use of number buttons of the radio from 1 to 4. button [1] = first digit on the code – press until you obtain the desired (first) digit of the code


Opel radio code

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In the factory model of Opel cars (among other things – CAR 300, CAR 400, CDR 500 or CDR 2005), anti-theft protection with 4-digit code was used. In older models, the radio


Renault radio code

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The radio protection (interlock) is signaled by the following communicate: CODE or 0000 on the radio’s display in Renault cars, including the most popular models of this brand:


Nissan radio code

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Some of the models, especially the newer ones, require to look into the electronics and read the code from ratio or navigation memory. In such cases,


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