Audi Radio Code

German automotive company Audi uses in factory radios and car navigations 4-digit security code.  This security is designed to protect the device against, but it often causes trouble to car owners. In many cases, disconnection of the battery in the vehicle (for example – service repairs, battery replacement or radio replacement) causes the appearance of SAFE or CODE message on the display and the need to enter radio or navigation code. The radio code is saved on the RADIO CODE card or entered into the service book of the car. The code is assigned to the radio serial number beginning with AUZ***. The radio serial number is located on the label of the car’s cover. This code cannot be generated with the use of VIN code! Some older models can be unlocked for free with special generators – code calculators. In some cases, you will need to go to the service or generate code (ON-LINE) on paid websites without leaving home.
2017-05-11 08:45 1328 Concert Symphony Navi plus Tevion Beta Chorus Allroad A1 A2 A3 A4 A6 A7 A8 Q3 TT S5 S8, unlock



Hello! Kérlek segíts akksi csere után nincs meg a kódom! Please sent me my radio code! Audi Chorus II 8L0 035 152 B AUZ2Z2B1357177 Thank you.


GRO Chorus 8P0 035 152 9.18439-81 G.HN 40-00 07S Made By GRUNDING IN PORTUGAL AUZ2Z2C1133410 32/03 02 55382 0330 113341 0 PLS CODE


Please Code AUZ2Z3C1743579


Audi A4 B6 Audi concert serial: AUZ2Z3A1181438. Need help please


Kérlek segits elhagytam a codom. AUZ2Z2C3237655 KÖSZÖNÖM SZÉPEN


try 0855

~radio code??

audi b6 concert serial: AUZ1Z2W6212622, help me please

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