Car check

VIN check

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Verification of a car for its service history, repairs and inspections is one of the most important steps before buying a used car. By checking the car VIN we have the opportunity to obtain a lot of important information about the car’s history that may influence our decision about the


Car-Pass : We are checking a car from Belgium

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Some countries have implemented a very scrupulous data collection system for vehicles driving their roads. One of these countries is Belgium – Car-Pass certificate (functioning in this country) is a source of information facilitating the verification of


VIN decoder – what information can we provide?

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VIN - (Vehicle Identification Number) – a unique vehicle number consisting of 17 – characters, letters and digits excluding the following letters: O, Q and I. The first three letters in VIN identify


Verification of car from the UK

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Car mileage readouts are made during technical inspections and they are recoded in the database. The records have been kept since 2005. In order to check the history of a car


Verification of car from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden

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If you want to check out a car purchased from Denmark, then you have a good Chance of getting valuable data about such a car, because Trafikstyrelsen database in many cases


Verification of car - VW / Audi

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Checking VIN number before the purchase may be one of the best methods to verify the vehicle. By using data recoded during inspections or service repairs, we can determine


How to check car from France?

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Unfortunately, due to the lack of French Central Register of Vehicles, which is available, inter alia, in Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, verification and checking of e.g. the


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