Chrysler Radio Code

Just as with many other brands, a part of the factory radio receivers and navigations installed in Chrysler and Jeep cars is secured by a 4-digit anti-theft password. Depending on the radio model, the code ranges from: 1111-5555 or 1111-6666. The code should be entered after replacing the battery or repairs that require disconnection of the power source. The problem occurs if you lose your card with a code or after purchasing a used car when the previous owner did not give you the PIN code.

How to recover the code?

It is impossible to generate the code with the use of the VIN number. In order to recover the lost code, it is necessary to dismantle the radio from the dashboard and read the data contained on the label. After removing the radio, you should find a 14-digit radio’s serial number (S/N), which is saved on a label or stamped on a metal casing. The radio symbol or navigation symbol may also be helpful. The radio code is connected with a unique serial number. Serial numbers start with the following characters: TM9, TQ1, T00BE (Becker), TCC, TBC, THA, T00AM – e.g.: T Q1 AA 043 9 54321. Knowing the serial number, it is possible to calculate the radio code.
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Hi, Please I need a Chrysler radio code Part no : P05091610AC A S /N : T00AM1665R1321 THANKS!

~Ian K

Worked perfectly thank you! Legend.


Ian K: try 2531


ampopa try code 2246

~Ian K

Hi Code Master. Can you please help me with the code for TC1AA3373K4874 Many thanks!


Dear Code Master, can you help me with the code for a Chrysler cassette radio? P.N. P05269484 Date code 1978 Supplier 26777 S/N TBEAA197857705 Many thanks.


You're welcome!


thank you very much, with what I can reward you for?


Popica >> 4455


TH1AA0247J4499 Data Condé 0247 Part No 05064191AF


dear sir. thank you for help me. it was number correct. again thank you.


salah: try 1554 and let me know ;)


Hello , i need Radio Code for Chrysler Corporation Part NO: P04858543AG-A S/N: TQ1AA0091A8929 Thanks


Hi ,i need code chrysler. P05091610AB date code 3453. Supplier 42774 S/N. T00AM3453R0040 help me please


try 1104


hi, I need code Chrysler Corp. PART NO. PO4858543AE-A DATE CODE: 1990 SUPPLIER 17719A S/N TQ1 AA 182 0 R8732 help me please!

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