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The majority of manufacturers, including the Ford brand, secure the factory radio or car navigation with the use of a code. Paradoxically, the security, the aim of which is to protect the car radio from theft, can cause many problems to the vehicle owner.
In many models, disconnection o the battery cause the blockage of the radio and display of the “Enter KeyCode” message on the radio display. In order to restart the radio, the user needs to enter a 4-digit PIN code. This password can be found on the Key-CODE card provided with the car radio instructions. The problem arises when such a code is lost.

How to recover the radio code?

Regardless of the car model, the easiest and fastest way to recover a radio or navigation code requires reading the serial number. Each radio code is assigned to a unique serial number stored in the device’s memory. The serial number (SN) is also printed on the label glued on the radio casing. The radio code cannot be read from the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

How to get a serial number without removing the radio?
Reading the serial number without removing the radio requires activation of the radio service menu. The serial number will be displayed on the radio display by simultaneously pressing and holding (approx. 3 seconds) buttons: [1 and 6] or [6 and 2]. Among the displayed numbers, the user will also see the radio serial number. Exemplary serial number of Ford radio (6000cd and others):

  • M series: M133675
  • V series: V095844
  • Travelpilot navigation (Blaupunkt): BP--------, C7--------

Note: in factory Ford radios (produced by SONY), the serial number can be displayed in the following format: SN: SOCD1XxVxxxxxx

Another method of receiving a serial number is a little more difficult. In order to read the serial number from the radio housing (photo), remove it from the dashboard. Depending on the model, special keys may be required for this purpose, but ordinary tools are usually sufficient. The serial number can be found on the label glued on the radio casing, and in the latest models (with a separate radio display), this number may be on the inside part of the radio (casing) panel. Having a serial number, you can generate a 4-digit code necessary to start the radio.

Free radio code generator

Knowing the serial number (read from the display or label on the radio), practically all models (including 6000 CD, Sony) can be unlocked with the use of special programs – decoders. These calculators calculate the radio code encrypted in the serial number by performing a series of mathematical operations based on appropriate algorithms. Decoding older models of Ford radio (serial numbers: Mxxxxxx) is not a big problem. In newer models with the serial number beginning with the letter V (Vxxxxxx), the radio was secured with the use of a different algorithm.

The list of popular Ford models, where factory radio is protected by code (V-series):

  • Focus – starting from the 2nd generation (Mk2 facelift)
  • Fiesta –from the 6th generation (Mk6 since 2005/06)
  • Mondeo –from the 4th generation (Mk4)
  • Fusion – produced after 2005
  • Kuga – all generations
  • C-Max – models after 2006
  • S-Max – all generations
  • Transit – produced after 2006 and 2007
  • Radios Visteon, 4500, 5000rds, 6000CD, 6006e and SONY –produced after 2005 and 2006.

Unlocking the V-series radio requires the use of appropriate software or reading the code from a special database. The full database contains 1 million unique serial numbers and corresponding codes. Free online generator for serial numbers starting with the letter M: Please note that thanks to this calculator you will not get a radio code for V-series radios.

Do you have a question? You do not know how to recover the radio code – ask in a comment!
How to enter radio code?

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Hello, can anyone help me ? I need code for my radio V040177


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JOns >>7559


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Esarko : 5655


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fiesta 6000cd serial M066440


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hello, I need radio code, ford FOCUS serial number V154272. Can you help me?


focus>> try 4768

~ford focus

radio 6000cd serial v055882


V000000 8396 V000001 5954 V000002 3870 V000003 2353 V000004 8963 V000005 0901 V000006 0422 V000007 9944 V000008 2560 V000009 6622 V000010 5602 V000011 1266 V000012 8684 V000013 4663 V000014 8143 V000015 4570 V000016 3770 V000017 2201 V000018 6539 V000019 5650 V000020 5354 V000021 1374 V000022 1834 V000023 2773 V000024 8426 V000025 4471 V000026 0444 V000027 9697 V000028 4406 V000029 3922 V000030 2015 V000031 6067 V000032 0585 V000033 9303 V000034 3162 V000035 4981 V000036 4992 V000037 5248 V000038 3062 V000039 5031 V000040 8258 V000041 5655 V000042 4881 V000043 4859 V000044 3164 V000045 8810 V000046 2336 V000047 4218 V000048 3881 V000049 4981 V000050 1355 V000051 3932 V000052 1736 V000053 2729 V000054 2164 V000055 0389 V000056 3164 V000057 5517 V000058 3240 V000059 8629 V000060 5193 V000061 8592 V000062 1362 V000063 8038 V000064 7177 V000065 4173 V000066 5081 V000067 1980 V000068 3174 V000069 5399 V000070 8019 V000071 6406 V000072 0872 V000073 0133 V000074 5143 V000075 5381 V000076 7369 V000077 5973 V000078 0699 V000079 1560 V000080 8325 V000081 2365 V000082 9538 V000083 6659 V000084 2138 V000085 1970 V000086 9233 V000087 4915 V000088 3500 V000089 5353 V000090 2015 V000091 6096 V000092 0837 V000093 5874 V000094 7908 V000095 1684 V000096 7803 V000097 7748 V000098 1171 V000099 5937 V000100 6931

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