How to check car from France?

Unfortunately, due to the lack of French Central Register of Vehicles, which is available, inter alia, in Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium, verification and checking of e.g. the mileage of vehicle from France is difficult, but … not impossible.

Recorded mileages along with dates and identified defects can be read from the reports received by the vehicle’s owner when carrying out mandatory technical inspections in France (Procès-Verbal de Contrôle Technique).

If the seller does not have such reports, one of the methods is to use the data found on the vignette of the French technical inspection. A characteristic blue vignette (with a “CT” symbol in the background) confirming the periodic inspection should be affixed on the right side of the car’s windscreen. The lack of such a sticker should arouse our alertness.

Data on the vignette:

  • Registration number
  • Date – validity of the technical inspection
  • Approval number
  • Vehicle VIN number

By typing in the Google search engine parameters from the vignette (primarily “D’agrément” number), we can find address and contact details of the diagnostic station, on which the technical examination was performed. It remains to contact the service by e-mail or phone. With a little lack, we will verify the checked vehicle by getting information about recorded mileages and identified defects or other irregularities.

An exemplary report from the French technical inspection is presented below.

Another method to check the car’s history (also from France) is: control with the use of VIN number.

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