Opel radio code

In the factory model of Opel cars (among other things – CAR 300, CAR 400, CDR 500 or CDR 2005), anti-theft protection with 4-digit code was used. In older models, the radio code is assigned to the serial number of the device. In newer models (e.g. CD30), the radio is connected (coupled) with electronic modules in the car. This may be a problem during the replacement of the radio to another model. During service repairs or replace of the car battery, the radio will ask for a code (information: SAFE or CODE on the radio’s display). If we do not have a Car-Pass card with a saved Security Code, we need to search in specialized services.

Some models can be decoded for free remotely (online) or with the use of specialized code calculators. Thanks to the information about the radio’s serial number (the number saved or extruded on the unit’s housing), it is possible to generate the unlocking code with the help of appropriate software.

2017-05-09 13:34 974 CDR 500 VDO Siemens CDR 2005 Delco CAR 2003 2004 CCR 2006 CAR 300 CAR 400 Astra Corsa Vectra Zafira Combo Meriva Signum Agila Signum Omega



Hello Code_MASTER, I need help please . SIEMENS VDO CDR500 GM 050042448904 ZAFIRA 2005 F65




Angel >> 7791


necesito código radio Opel corsa marca blaupunkt CAR 300 (F) NO : 90 533 422 7 649 852 520 GM030MY5708899

~Paul Fisher

Need a code for GM020532572349 CDR2005 many thanks


GM020542904901 siemens vde cdr 2005 thanks

~Jim B.

Code_MASTER 2018-02-18 10:31 VDO / siemens: Main Dealer or a Decoding Service only for this code Thank you very much for taking the time and for the prompt reply, cheers


VDO / siemens: Main Dealer or a Decoding Service only for this code

~Jim B.

Type CDR 500 (E) Serial number GM050052548635 Any help would be gratefully appreciated, Thanks in advance


Please radiocode CDR 2005e 24 469 305


HJdeEchte: 5866


Code Please DELCO CDR2005(E) 24434774 GM020510049602


Charl: try code 3890


Opel Serial n GM020328261321


siemens vdo cdr 500 (e) No.24 469 302 GM050042370812 Please code for the radio...thanks in advance


need radio code opel corsa cdr 2005 (e) GM020521306132


siemens vdo cdr 500 (e) GM050042370812 Please code for the radio...thanks in advance


1Hello,i need a code for my cdr2005 please. serial : GM020510075044 number : 24423503 Thanks in advance!xz




is it Delco or VDO/siemens?

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