Radio CODE – how to unlock car radio?

What does SAFE and RADIO CODE mean on the radio display?

Information on the display: Safe, Radio Code, 0000 or PIN means that radio or navigation protection is activated.

Anti-theft security was initially used in Blaupunkt radios. Currently, it is installed in all factory cars: Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat, as well as Opel, Nissan, Chrysler, Mercedes, Fiat/Alfa Romeo, BMW, Renault/Dacia and Ford.

Moreover, other manufacturers in popular car models use encoding mostly based on 4-digit password (PIN code). The radio code is assigned to the serial number of the unit without the user’s ability to change it.

In many car models, the radio code must be entered after each disconnection of the power source – e.g. when replacing a car battery with a new one. In Volkswagen / Audi cars, the radio is coupled to the car’s electronics so that the system constantly checks and compares the radio code stored in the memory with the code saved in the electronics modules of the car. If it detects a radio mismatch, the radio will not activate and it will communicate this situation via a message: SAFE or CODE – in such a situation, it is necessary to enter the code.  In the intension, the request for a PIN should only appear, for example, during the replacement of a receiver to another one, but practice is different.

How to decode radio?

Enter the PIN using the radio numeric keypad and confirm it with one of the function keys of the device. The car radio code should be saved on a special card: “Radio Pass”. However, if you do not have such a card or you lost this card, you should visit an authorized service provider, where you ought to get help. The radio code will be recovered thanks to the serial number (written on the ratio label), vehicle identification number (VIN) or read after connecting a special interface.
You can also find a specialized electronics company, where you radio will be unlocked – but this is connected with the disassembly and interference in the device’s electronics systems. A convenient method to recover your radio code is to take advantage of the offer provided by Radio Code On-Line services. They will help us remotely without the need to leave the house. In some cases, we will recover the code for free.



Unfortunately, not all manufacturers offer the remote assistance in recovering the code.

Free calculators (generators) of radio codes

Some mainly older factory radio model for Renault or Ford can be unlocked for free with the help of programs – calculators. Thanks to the special software, the code is generated after entering serial numbers of the radio. Newer radios are encoded with the use of “strong” algorithms, and they require more specialized decoders, interfaces and expertise knowledge to perform the unlocking operation. In some cases, the cost of generating the radio code may exceed the value of the radio itself.
Do you have a question? You do not know how to recover the radio code – ask in a comment!

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Bonjours je cherche le code radio pour ma rcd 310 merci beaucoup VWZ1Z2L6683621


Thanks CODE_MASTER. The code is correct.


izarreta >> 6132


I need a radio code: Model: 22RC200/65 SERIAL N: TOG623 Thanks




Becker4720 -try code 13414 and let me know

Hallo! Ich habe eine Becker 4720 radio. Serial no.:25109376, aber kein code. Bitte hilfe. Danke schön. vidamisi aus Ungarn


07 Skoda fabia, bought 2nd hand symphony radio in safe mode serial number skzaz8c 1913984, any help with code thanks




hi, could you help me: skoda radio blue - SKZAZ6L0458796

tancela >> try code: 30048


do you have VIN ? for mercedes: WDBxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


i need code for mercedes-benz audio 10 cd MERCEDES ALPINE AUDIO 10 CD-R PLAYER MF2199 mercedes audio 10 cd s/n:AL 2199 X 02 83410 B A 170 820 01 86


Code 3390 dont work :(

~Alegro >>>> Try code: 3390


bmw reverse c II radio lost code 7649475240 Bp9475a2784083 Help please


alfa Romo Try code > 5223

~alfa Romeo

I need radio code -Alfa Romeo -radio serial number: BP630289783199 part number: 7646302316


skoda radio beat SKZAZ3G4303733


try 1172

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