Skoda radio code

Skoda cars use a radio (or navigation) protection, which is based on a 4-digit PIN code. In theory, security should not cause the owner any problems, but in practice – it happens that the radio will demand to enter the code (e.g. after replacing the car battery for a new one). The code is available in the vehicle’s documentation or on a special card: RADIO CODE/SAFE. If we lost a code card, we need to visit a specialized service or unlock the radio with the use of specialized online portals. In order to recover the radio code, it is necessary to enter a serial number of the unit (SKZ***). This number is written down, inter alia, on the radio label (radio’s housing). The code should be entered with the use of the radio keyboard (buttons 1-4) and confirmed via one of the function buttons (depending on the model).

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Hello can you help with code for stereo as I had a custom raspberry pi installed for a while. SKZ1Z7F6129083 Thanks


Please help me with radio code for SKZ1Z2I8212379 thanks in advance!

~Vasek Noid

SKZAZ4B0319884 symphony please code. Thank you very much


hy please help me SKZAZ8C1311579 THANKS


Hello, would you be kind enough to give me the code for my Skoda radio (Bolero) serial SKZ4Z3K1121057X? Thank you very much for offering this service.


Please help me with Radio code for Skoda SKX7Z3G0164695


Please skoda Simphony code seria:SKZAZ6B1001492 Thank you!!!




Main Dealer or a Decoding Service only for this code





~bimbo virgil


~Lene Knudsen

SKZAZ5I7609593 radiokoden til dette serienummer


Help me with pin for Radio Bolero SKZ123K8453867


SKZAZ2A0006816 Thank you guys!

~Paul Jones





prosim mužete mi pomoc s odkodovanim SKZ2Z3E1901240


Hi, please help me with my radio code SKZAZ4H7401486 and thank you very much


Hi, please help me witch my radio code SKZAZ4H7134961 and thank you very much

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