Verification of car from Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden

Verification of the car from Denmark
If you want to check out a car purchased from Denmark, then you have a good Chance of getting valuable data about such a car, because Trafikstyrelsen database in many cases includes recorded mileages, which were read out during technical tests. In order to obtain tis data, you just need to have VIN number of the vehicle or Danish registration number of the vehicle. Below we present an exemplary verification of the car from Denmark along with mileages and dates of technical inspections. Address of Danish website:

Verification of the car from Sweden
On the website Transport Styrelsen (Ministry of Transport), you will get information about a vehicle that is or was registered in Sweden. In order to get such information, you just need to have a vehicle registration number.
Website address:

Verification of the car from Belgium

Verification of cars in the Belgium database of vehicles is more difficult due to the obligation to provide Car Pass Certificate number
Website address:
More information about the system and functioning of the Belgian: Car-Pass database

Verification of the car from the Netherlands

On the website and you can check the history of a car from the Netherlands. You just need to car registration number.
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