Verification of car - VW / Audi

Checking VIN number before the purchase may be one of the best methods to verify the vehicle. By using data recoded during inspections or service repairs, we can determine whether the car mileage is authentic and check all repairs and replacement in the car in recent years. Thanks to this report, we can often evaluate whether the car was repaired due to the previous accident. Service history can also be used to check the authenticity of entries in service book – comparison of e.g. entries and mileages will immediately detect the forgery! Depending on the particular mode – its servicing, the amount of available data is varied, but in the case of VW - Audi brand, as well as Skoda and Seat – the service history is predominantly broad and it provides a lot of valuable information about the checked car.

Below there is an example of service history (part) with detailed data such as:

  • Recorded mileages
  • Service admission date
  • Detailed repairs and services
  • Used parts

The discussed report also takes into account the repair or body and paintwork, as well as parts used for repair.
Undoubtedly, service history is a basic thing to read before you buy a used car.

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Hi. I need to check audi Vin WAUZZZ8E85A500328. Thanks

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