VIN decoder – what information can we provide?

VIN - (Vehicle Identification Number) – a unique vehicle number consisting of 17 – characters, letters and digits excluding the following letters: O, Q and I. The first three letters in VIN identify the manufacturer and region. Characters from 4 to 9 specify the vehicle type and version, while the characters from 10 to 17 contain many important information, including: equipment version, date of production, motor version (designation, type and power) gearbox (kind, type, number), drive, body and interior colors, additional packages, special versions, etc.

By VIN decoding, in addition to the vehicle’s basic data, we can learn many important information about the history of a vehicle. Service decoders, apart from the date of production and registration of the car, information about motor version and power, provide data about the car’s service history – inter alia, dates of visits and service actions, recorded mileages, identified defects, replaced parts, oil services, etc. Verification of VIN, especially before buying a used car, is a simple and very effective method of initial verification of the vehicle.

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Hi. I need decode Vin WAUZZZ8E85A500328. Thanks

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