Volkswagen Radio Code

In factory car radios and navigations, Volkswagen uses the anti-theft protection of the vehicle by encrypting it with a 4-digit PIN code. In theory, disconnection of the power supply should not cause the need to re-enter the code. In practice, radio or navigation can sometimes display SAFE or CODE message. This is connected with the need to enter the factory PIN code. Entering the code will always be unavoidable during the replacement of radio or navigation (e.g. to a newer model).

The radio or navigation code should be inscribed in the vehicle’s book or on a special card – Radio Code. The code is assigned to a 14-digit serial number of the device (VWZ***). Some older VW models of radios (such as Alpha, Beta or Gamma) can be decoded with the use of decoders (code calculators) for free. Newer models are encoded with the use of “strong” algorithms, and unlocking requires the use of special software and an interface. Services related to the remote unlocking of the car (ON-LINE) are provided by specialized online providers. You can also get help in authorized VW services.

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need code Monsoon serial: :Monsoon VWZ5Z7C3015724


Dave: probably someone changed the original code. Main Dealer or a Decoding Service only for this code


Hi there I've been looking all over Google for hours trying to find out how to get my radio code. Any help would be very much appreciated as I have already tried one site at the expense of £10 and it didn't work. My serial is: VWZ1Z7D4278958 My Model is: 7 612 002 028 Thanks in advance


Can you please get me code for 2006 jetta Radio vwz5z7e6042382 Thanks


Hello, would be much appreciated if you can help, after I changed my car battery. Here is my code: VWZ1Z7F6107393 Thanks.


vwz3z3b7889498 thanks

~brad lewis

need radio code for vwz9z7x5122202 Thanks


I’m looking for the code for VWZ4Z7K1171386 can you help me?


Polo, serial: VWZAZ1I8547289


need code serial: VWZ4Z3EN296317


Can I not get the code for mine then?


Hi BetoFoletto:Is it RCD200? How did you enter the code? After entering the code you have to press button ">"


Hello! The serial of my radio is VWZ4Z4L6272995. The code I have is 0576, however the same is not releasing the radio.


Any chance I can get the code for my mk5 golf Serial number VWZ1Z2D5929473


diego- try 1033


vw Golf V serial *VWZ1Z7F6182200*


can i have code for VWZAZ1P6534907


Please Decode the VIN WV1ZZZSYZH9007919. Many thanks





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