"WAIT", "LOCKED 10" – how to unlock a Ford radio?

The radio code should be entered carefully and faultlessly in order to not block the radio. The four-digit PIN code has 10,000 combinations, so you cannot count on a happy entering of random numbers. Such actions can only lead to permanent blocking of the radio. The correctness of your radio code should be checked carefully.

What does the message: WAIT or LOCKED on the radio display mean?

Depending on the radio model, after several attempts (in the model 6000CD after 3 attempts) of entering the wrong code, the radio will be blocked and an appropriate message will be displayed. Information: WAIT – means temporary blockade of the possibility of re-entering the code, message: LOCKED 10 – means 10 unsuccessful attempts and informs about the blockade of the radio.

Unlocking the radio:

WAIT 30 – wait 30 minutes with the activated radio – after this time, the option to enter the code will return. In the event that after entering the code once again, the following message will appear: WAIT, there is a high probability that the entered code is incorrect. If you enter the wrong code 10 times, the radio will be blocked – a message on the radio display: LOCKED 10. What to do in this situation?

Hold the radio button 6 for about 5-30 seconds – that to this action you will get access to the service mode and the possibility to re-enter the radio code.

Note! From now you have the last 3 attempts to enter the correct code.

Probably all previously entered codes are incorrect – before trying again, you must find the correct radio code.

Re-entering (3 times) of a wrong code will display the message: LOCKED 13 – the radio has been completely blocked by entering incorrect codes. In this case it is necessary to unlock the radio in a specialized service, where it will be necessary to interfere in the device’s electronics and reset (zeroing) the error counter, as well as reading the code from the radio’s memory of the processor.

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